Fall on the South Fork Boise

Fall on the South Fork Boise.


Canyon population survey

In the fall of 2008, once flows drop to manageable levels, Idaho Fish and Game plans to survey the fish population in the canyon section of the river from Danskin Bridge down to Neal Bridge in order to compliment the data they have taken numerous times in the river above Danskin.  These fish will most likely be included in the genetic survey as well.

This survey will most likely be an overnight trip through the canyon section due to the limited light hours during October.  Volunteers are needed to help capture stunned fish for measure and counting, as well as ferry gear downstream for an overnight camp.  There should be fishing opportunities available.  Persons with river worthy pontoon craft and experience with some whitewater navigation are suggested as there will be a limited number of multi-person craft moving down river.  Additional information will be available as the fall approaches.

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Mainstem spawning survey

Tail water fisheries experience regular, consistent water flow and temperature compared to natural streams, allowing fish longer growing seasons and healthy habitat for invertebrates that the fish eat. At the same time dams prevent fish from migrating to headwater streams to spawn.  These dams also trap gravels upstream that otherwise would move through a river during natural flooding and thus replenish in-stream spawning areas with new gravel that often gets silted over or scoured to other locations.

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