Updated format for southforkboise.org

After a few weeks of work we now have launched an updated version of southforkboise.org.

Our goal is to have a website where we can incorporate news and updates more frequently.  At the same time we will keep many permanent resources available for people who want to look at data and studies about the South Fork Boise River.  All the updates from the southforkboise.tumblr.com page have been brought over.  The tumbler page is now retired.

A culvert replacement project will be launched this fall at Pierce Creek, funded in part by the Southwest Idaho Resource Advisory Committee.  We will report developments on that project and in the coming weeks project an update on river flows and projections for the future.


Woolly Buggers Program: Archeology of the South Fork Boise River

Woolly Bugger Meeting

Tuesday, December 15, 2009, 6:30 p.m.

Idaho Fish and Game Department Headquarters, 600 S. Walnut St.

Program:  Archeology of the South Fork Boise River, the Danskin Rockshelter

“There is more to fishing than catching fish,” is the Woolly Buggers’ slogan.  We believe it is important to know the history of our rivers, lakes and streams.  Knowing what happened before our time adds to our enjoyment when we go fishing.

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November 12th Meeting to Highlight South Fork Boise Genetics Study

Make plans to attend an open joint meeting of TU and Boise Valley Fly Fishermen on Thursday, November 12, 2009 at the Boise Public Library to see a presentation on the genetic profile of the South Fork Boise River (SFB) fishery as well as hear a panel discussion of agency and angling community perspectives on Southwest Idaho’s greatest fishing water. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the program will begin at 7:00 p.m. Enter in the doors on the 8th Street side at the southwest end of the building.

Helen Neville with the TU national science team based in Boise will present her findings based on the laboratory analysis of the genetic information sampled from more than 300 rainbow trout, and compare that information with dozens of wild trout populations in the North and Middle Fork Boise Rivers.

Idaho Fish & Game, the Boise National Forest, Bureau of Reclamation, TU and BVFF worked together in 2008 to sample the SFB fishery and adjacent tributaries to gather genetic information on redband or rainbow trout. The information presented November 12 will provide a foundation by which a conservation strategy for the SFB fishery could be developed.

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Group photo at the South Fork Boise River clean-up

Group photo at the South Fork Boise River clean-up as part of the Trout Unlimited national stream clean-up day.


Mike Kellett, Jeff Dillon and Mike Toalson

L to R Mike Kellett (Boise National Forest), Jeff Dillon (Idaho Fish and Game) and Mike Toalson (Trout Unlimited) at the going away lunch for Mike Kellett.