Current Conditions

If you are a charts and graphs type of person this page is for you.  In one place you can scroll through some essential information on the South Fork Boise River.  Let’s start.

Here are the current flows on the South Fork Boise from Anderson Ranch Dam:

Next, below you see a chart with the temperature at Anderson Dam, over the past 48 or so hours.

The chart above comes from a NOAA weather station at the dam and here is a great page with current weather and the forecast.

Third, below you see the flows from Anderson Ranch since the beginning of the water year, October 1.  The blue line is this year, the green line represents flows last year, and the long term average is the red line.

Next, the chart below shows how much water is sitting in Anderson Ranch Reservoir.  Like the one above this chart shows the status for this water year (since October 1) in blue, last year in green and the average in red.

Next is another temperature chart.  Here is the situation at Prairie.  It’s away from the river but it gives you a sense of the spot temperatures over the past couple of days.

Now we move to the upper part of the watershed.  Below is a chart showing the flows in the upper South Fork Boise River at the gage near Featherville over the past seven days or so.

And the last graph below shows the flows at Featherville since the beginning of the water year.



4 Responses to Current Conditions

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  2. Kelley Webster says:

    I was curious if the current levels on memorial day weekend will be low enough to fly fish. I will be wading and my father is going to bring his drift boat. We will be below Anderson Ranch Dam. I just want to be sure that I’m not walking I to a danger zone this weekend.

    I greatly appreciate your time and look forward to your response soon!

    Kelley Webster

  3. Pziegler says:

    Is the river back open to overnight camping?
    Thank You

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