Trout Spawning Season

During our planting effort along the South Fork Boise River on March 28th we observed a couple of spawning redds in the river.


They Came, They Planted

Nearly 100 volunteers made it to the South Fork Boise River to plant cottonwood trees and other plants to help jump start habitat recovery on the South Fork of the Boise River.    Check out this video below:
The video above from KTVB is also accompanied by a story here.

This event was a team effort.  The Forest Service supplied many of the trees and Trout Unlimited helped cover additional costs of vegetation.  Other partners include the Land Trust of the Treasure Valley which donated 50 cottonwood trees, Mountain Home Air Force Base, Fly Fishers of Idaho and Boise Valley Fly Fishers.

Many photos of the effort were taken and when more is available we will post them.


Video and pics on several South Fork landslides

Opening Weekend on Video

We found this video posted on the Boise Valley Fly Fishers Facebook group.  Opening Weekend on the South Fork Boise River.

Fly Casting Tournament to Help South Fork Boise River Fishery

The 2nd Annual Fly Casting Tournament & Fly Fishing Boat Show is set for May 12, 2012, at Eagle Island State Park.

Four-person teams will compete in two divisions using a golf tournament format.  A maximum number of 12 Gold teams (Advanced) and 18 Silver teams (Recreational) will compete on fourteen land and water based casting targets, or holes.  Each hole represents a unique casting discipline/challenge.  Lowest team scores win.

“The purpose for the tournament is to generate matching funds for habitat improvement on the South Fork of the Boise River downstream of Anderson Ranch Dam,” says tournament chairman Pat Kilroy.  “Last year’s inaugural 2011 Fly Casting Tournament raised $10,000 and was a decisive factor in the completion of the Pierce Creek Culvert project.  This money matched other local, state and Federal funds that removed a fish passage blockage for wild trout spawners.”

Kilroy stated that proceeds from the 2012 Fly Casting Tournament & Fly Fishing Boat Show will Continue Reading…