Bridge is Built; Pierce Creek now Part of South Fork Boise

By Friday November 11 the new bridge was installed over Pierce Creek and the road bed was filled and rebuilt.  Guard rails were added to the bridge and the water was turned back into Pierce Creek.  Here are some photos:

Looking downstream as Pierce Creek flows under the new bridge.

When Pierce Creek was temporarily dewatered for a few days the Forest Service biologist checked for fish in the section of stream below the culvert and he found 50 rainbow trout. This is good news because it shows at least below the culvert and to the South Fork Boise River that Pierce Creek has been serving as rearing habitat.

Looking upstream at bridge and mountains in background where Pierce Creek arises.

The stream under the bridge is four feet lower in elevation than the invert (bottom) of the culvert that was previously in place.  Pierce Creek is a high gradient stream, especially in the section from its mouth to the road.  The culvert interrupted the normal channel characteristics and elevated the stream bottom.  In fact, when excavating the culvert an 18-inch metal culvert was found plugged and buried beneath the 48-inch pipe.

Approach guard rails were added to the bridge


As the road is put back into place with a new bridge and rock-lined channel that defines the project site.


Final picture provides context, showing the bridge project site just upstream of the Danskin boat ramp.

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