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Spawning in Cow Creek

Check out this video of rainbow trout spawning in Cow Creek.

Along with the video came this field dispatch:

You can see some smaller fish darting in and out around the female on the nest at 3:48, and again around the last 2 mins. I couldn’t figure out what exactly the smaller fish were doing if they were trying to get in and feed on the eggs, or fertilize the redd or what….

Highlights: redd making at 5:28, 6:32, and 7:43.

I have a few other videos of the other pairs I saw. 4 pairs total with some other males hanging around all in about 100m at the bottom of the grade. I see them in here every year but never this many and never this big.

The video runs a little over ten minutes.

Library Additions

We have a couple of new additions to the library:

  • 2015 SFB Juvenile Trout Survey – This report displays the results of the 2015 survey of age zero trout along the stream edges of the South Fork Boise River.
  • 2014 SFB Population Survey and Tributary Surveys – This report displays the results of the 2014 population survey. Typically conducted every three years, the survey was accelerated by one year to gauge the effects of the 2013 wildfire and debris flows. The document also contains information on the 2014 survey of tributaries to the South Fork, including some affected by the debris flows in 2013 and 2014.

Thanks to Idaho Fish and Game for making available their annual reports on fishery investigations.  We took the large document and extracted the relevant sections so you can review the South Fork Boise River fishery reports and not the rest of southwest Idaho’s waters.

After we take some time to delve into these reports we will come back with a reflection on what it could mean for the South Fork Boise.

Volunteer Habitat Restoration SFB April 9, 2016

WHAT: Riparian Habitat Restoration mitigating effects of Fire on the South Fork Boise with Bitterbrush and Cottonwood planting.

WHO: Interested Fishermen. We will be helping some Youth Groups out of Mtn Home who plan to come with personnel from Mtn Home Ranger District personnel.

WHEN: 10:30 am, Saturday, April 9, 2016

WHERE: Two sites on the South Fork Boise River. Arrive at Pierce Creek Boat Landing Parking Lot below Anderson Dam at beginning between 10 AM and 10:30 AM. After lunch we will all travel to Wilson Creek above the Dam.

ROUTE:  Cow Creek Road off US Hwy 20 not likely to be open. Preferred route: IH 84 to US 20; US 20 to Anderson Road turnoff; Anderson Road to Anderson Dam; Downstream on NFD 131 to Pierce Creek Boat Ramp parking lot. Plan on about two hours to arrive at Pierce Creek from the center of Boise.


Uplands burned near river, August 2013

After lunch, when the selected sites are completed on the tail water, we will return upstream toward the Dam and without crossing the Dam proceed two miles along the reservoir to Wilson Creek for a second site.

BRING: (1) Your Lunch and Water; (2) A Shovel if you have one but Forest Service will have some tools available however; (3) Work Gloves. Dress appropriately, of course, for some mud and the projected weather.

RSVP: to Richard Oehlschlager right up to April 8th, sooner being better than later; or 208 363-0108.

Trout Spawning Season

During our planting effort along the South Fork Boise River on March 28th we observed a couple of spawning redds in the river.


South Fork Boise River Riparian Planting: Saturday, March 28, 2015, at 9:00 a.m.

It is time we begin to make 2015 the year we tackle restoration on the South Fork of the Boise!

The Boise National Forest has more than 3,000 plants that we want to get into the ground along the South Fork of the Boise River.  Saturday, March 28 will be our first work outing to get these plants in the ground this spring.
P1030544If you, your friends and family can help, please sign up!  For the work day please bring a water bottle, work gloves, and a smile!  Dress appropriately for weather conditions (layers!)
We can carpool from Boise.  Whomever is willing to drive and provide a seat for others, thank you.
This helps reduce our carbon footprint on fuel expended.
Trout Unlimited will provide lunch when we are done.  Let us know if you have any dietary needs to consider.
We will try to get everyone back to Boise by about 3:00 p.m. or so.
Thanks again for joining us, it will be a great day !!!

To sign up, please email:
Meeting place details will be sent to those that sign up.